What times of the day can I order a Truck Buddy?

    Whenever! However, late at night you may not find a Buddy who is still working. In that case, set the time for when you would like to pick it up, and as soon as your Buddy can accept your job he will!

    How will I know my Truck Buddy driver has arrived?

    Once your job has been accepted you will see your Buddy and his vehicle. You will receive a text message or phone call when he has arrived.

    What if my items are up a flight of stairs, or I can not move them to the curb?

    Each Truck Buddy estimate includes 10 minutes of free labour time. Your Buddy will start the timer upon greeting the customer. If the item requires dismantling in order to reach the vehicle or there is longer distance to carry the items (condo, stairs, elevators), once the 10 minutes is up your Buddy will be reimbursed $1.5 for every minute of labour. This is a fair way to compensate your Buddy if any unknowns should occur during the move.

    Can my Truck Buddy Driver pick up a purchase for me?

    Just attach a picture of the receipt or pick up order to the job posting and set the location of the pickup to the store it will be waiting for him at! You and your Buddy can chat or call each other to make sure everything is going smoothly!

    Can my Buddy make stops along the way?

    Currently Truck Buddy is only set up for single trips. If you have more than one vehicle’s worth of items you will need to post a second job or rent a Buddy.

    Can I ride along with my Buddy?

    Truck Buddy has no insurance policy to cover passengers and is not a taxi service. Both Buddies and passengers are advised to proceed at their own risk.

    Keeping Your Payment Details Safe and Secure

    We have taken every step possible to make ordering at Truck Buddy safe. Our entire website is totally secure. Credit card processing is handled by Square, one of the top credit card processing companies in the world. Truck Buddy is never directly privy to—and therefore, never stores—your credit card information.

    Are my items safe? What if they are damaged during the move?

    If the damage is proven to have occurred during the move, then Truck Buddy will work with the user and Buddy to solve the problem. The Buddies are professionals who have been given access to Truck Buddy’s services are taught the best methods for moving items safely, but unfortunately sometimes accidents happen. We will do our best to ensure you feel secure using Truck Buddy’s services.

    Can I pack anything in the drawers of my dresser or desk?

    You must pack loose items in cartons to prevent loss or damage. Leave drawers empty and pack all loose items.

    Will the Buddy load all the boxes that I packed?

    Yes. If the boxes are deemed safe for transport, they will be loaded.

    What is the service area for Truck Buddy?

    Currently we provide Buddies within the GTA, however we are looking to expand!

    How should I pack my waterbed?

    Drain the waterbed completely, or if you have a fiber-filled waterbed, have it professionally vacuum-drained prior to the move date.

    Can I pack and move my plants?

    Most moving companies will not take your plants. The stress and heat of being inside of the moving trailer usually causes them to die.

    What should I do with my jewelry and other valuable items?

    High-value or irreplaceable items such as jewelry, money, antiques, stamp collections and other collectibles can be included in your shipment, but you must notify your personal move coordinator of these items before packing and move day. However, we strongly recommend that you carry high-value items with you or make other arrangements for their transport.

    In the moving industry, extraordinary value items are those valued at $100 or more. To be assured that a claim involving these articles is not limited to minimal liability, complete and sign your Buddies version of a high-value inventory form.

    How do I prepare my appliances for moving?

    Disconnect washers, dryers and refrigerators, and install a stabilizer in the washer. Your Buddy will help you understand how these items are serviced as well as provide you with local service providers to assist you with these items.

    How will Truck Buddy protect my upholstered furniture?

    Truck Buddy uses a special product called stretch-wrap, a heavy, clear plastic wrap that protects furniture from soil, tears and other damage.

    Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?

    Yes, but the amount of valuation protection varies upon which you select. The valuation option you choose determines the basis upon which any claim will be adjusted and the maximum liability of the carrier. The liability of a carrier for loss or damage is based upon the carrier’s tariffs, as well as federal laws and regulations that have certain limitations and exclusions. Valuation is not coverage. This is important to understand. It is the liability of the moving company. Check with the provider of your homeowner’s coverage to find out if you are covered for moving. Often you will find that you are.

    Released Liability Protection – This type of protection is free, yet only provides the bare minimum coverage and is not enough for almost all shipments. Released liability protection pays $0.60 per pound per article if lost or damaged. So, a piece of furniture weighing 75 lbs would receive a settlement of $45. You will be asked to initial the bill of lading if you select this coverage.

    Replacement Value Protection – This is the most comprehensive type of coverage, most often referred to as “RVP.” If you purchase RVP, articles will be repaired or replaced to their full value if they are damaged or lost. Depreciation of the lost or damaged item is not a factor in determining replacement value when the shipment is moved under replacement value protection.

    How do I prepare my home and myself for move day?

    Your Buddy may ask you to select from one to several consecutive days during which your goods will be loaded. Try and be flexible during this time to ensure a hassle-free process and to secure a truck and Buddy to load your shipment.

    Your Truck Buddy will contact you at least 24 hours prior to load day to make you aware of what time they will arrive. If any changes have occurred, please make your coordinator aware of these changes at this time, such as local construction, unpacked items, etc.

    Prepare your home for the Buddies by moving things off the porch, clearing walkways, taking doors off hinges, removing throw rugs and similar things to make the pathways clear and navigable.

    How will I know when my shipment is going to be delivered?

    Your Buddy will contact you 24 hours prior to delivery. Your personal Buddy will be able to provide you with an update as to the date your shipment will arrive. Provide your Buddy with all your new contact information, such as your new phone number where you can be reached. If you will be unreachable, please arrange to have a dedicated person to be there to communicate with the Buddy.


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